Little support for the Voice Referendum in Lindsay

Melissa McIntosh MP, Federal Member for Lindsay, conducted a survey across the Lindsay electorate to gauge the views on the ground on making a constitutional change to establish a Voice to Parliament.

As of this morning, the survey had 1,158 responses. The first question asked:do you support the recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as Australia's First People in our Constitution?’ Respondents were split 52 per cent ‘yes’ and 48 per cent ‘no.’

The second question asked: ‘do you support a Voice to Parliament?’ The difference in responses was stark, with 78 per cent of respondents saying ‘no’ and 22 per cent saying ‘yes.’

“When I speak with my community in Lindsay, people are worried that they haven’t been told by the Albanese Labor Government what the Voice is about. 

“The results of this survey in Lindsay received an overwhelming response, and the message is clear. When people do not know what the Voice will look like or what powers it will have, they cannot vote for it,” said Mrs McIntosh.

“People are concerned that it isn’t about equality for all, which is everything in our country. They do not see the Voice to Parliament as upholding and strengthening our democracy which enshrines equality for all.

“The Liberal Party, our Western Sydney community, and myself support constitutional recognition for our First Nations people. 

“Although it is important to recognize the first inhabitants of our nation, many residents stated that democracy can only work on the basis of equality of vote and say in a fair society.

“The vast majority of respondents to the survey saw the Voice to Parliament as a risky proposition that is lacking detail, and recognised a decision to change our Constitution will be permanent. 

“On this basis, we are seeing very little support to vote yes in the upcoming referendum on the ground in Lindsay.

“I want better outcomes for Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders in Western Sydney, which is best achieved through local programs on the ground. We have many Aboriginal support organisations in Lindsay who are making great strides in this space.”

Mrs McIntosh shared a sample of responses that summarise the general trend in the comments section of the Voice survey.

“One constituent from St Marys shared that she is a proud Aboriginal woman who will be voting no in the referendum as she believes there is already a voice in parliament with 11 Aboriginal representatives.

“Another constituent said that Australians no matter their background deserve fair and equal representation in our Parliament, not just certain groups.”

“Another constituent said that the gap is something we should all be striving to close, but the Voice is not the way to do it.”

“Another constituent said she had no idea what the Voice will actually mean or what it will actually do.”

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