#SaveOurRoadUpgrades | Don't let Labor cut your infrastructure

The Albanese Labor Government's 90-day Infrastructure Review has cut funding for critical road and transport projects in our community.

Projects now axed by the Albanese Labor Government:

  • Commuter Car Park Upgrade – T1 North Shore, Northern and Western Line – Kingswood
  • Commuter Car Park Upgrade – T1 North Shore, Northern and Western Line – St Marys
  • M7-M12 Interchange
  • Mulgoa Road Stage 2
  • Werrington Arterial Stage 2 – Planning
  • Western City Road Transport Network Development – Planning

We desperately need these upgrades. By cutting these important road projects, the Albanese Labor Government has specifically targeted Western Sydney. 

To add further insult to our Western Sydney community, the axing of Federal funding under Labor’s infrastructure review claimed these projects ‘did not demonstrate merit’ and ‘lacks any national strategic rationale.’

This is despite the Western Sydney region rapidly growing, with the new Western Sydney International Airport set to operate from 2026.

It doesn’t make sense. Our community was promised these upgrades that we desperately need so we can get to our jobs and homes on time.

Labor’s cancelled road projects and a future of gridlock in Western Sydney is just not on. 

I will continue to fight alongside our community for our important road upgrades.

Will you join me? Have your say and sign the petition today to save road infrastructure funding in Western Sydney!


Save our road upgrades in Western Sydney

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