#MentalHealthMatters20 | Restore mental health sessions

Australia is in the middle of a cost of living and mental health crisis right now

The rising cost of food, fuel and housing, on top of the pandemic and natural disasters, is adding to the mental burden of Australians doing it tough.

Yet at a time when we need support the most, the Albanese Labor Government has cut the number of Medicare subsidised mental health sessions people in need can access.

This year the Albanese Labor Government showed that it doesn’t take mental health issues in Australia seriously, by halving Better Access Medicare-subsidised psychology sessions from 20 to 10. 

Axing these subsidised psychology sessions in a cost of living crisis means that the gap to access to mental health support is widening. 

The Albanese Labor Government is failing to deliver better outcomes for Australian children, parents, and seniors in distress. 

We need real action, and strong leadership to meet these challenges.  

A Dutton-led Coalition government will reinstate the full 20 psychology sessions.

We cannot let this cost of living crisis mean Australians are not able to access the help they desperately need.

Join me in calling on the Albanese Labor Government to reverse these cuts and restore 20 mental health sessions on Medicare.

Yours sincerely,

Melissa McIntosh MP
Member for Lindsay




We call on the Albanese Government to restore 20 mental health sessions.

Will you sign?