Dutton and the cost of living

Last week the Leader of the Liberal Party, Peter Dutton, came to Lindsay to see firsthand the cost of living challenges impacting our community.

At Penrith Community Kitchen, the amazing volunteers who prepare meals for those in need spoke about the rise in families contacting them for support.

It was noted that for the first time, people in work suits and dual-income families are turning up at the Kitchen’s doorstep because they can’t afford their mortgage or rent and keeping up with the inflation crisis gripping families across the Penrith community.

Homelessness is increasing due to the on-going impacts of mortgage rate rises and high rents hitting young people, families, and seniors from Emu Heights to Colyton and Londonderry to Luddenham.

Peter Dutton spoke with community members at a local event in Leonay about the need to provide support for our working families doing it tough in the cost of living crisis.

“We’re in a very difficult situation as a country right now, Australians who are working harder than ever are finding themselves in a very tight financial situation. 

“The Government has made decisions now in two budgets which have made it harder for a lot of those families.

“Work done by volunteers and charities really helps many people survive, potentially providing the only meal families get in a day, and that's in our country in 2023. 

“We should remind ourselves of those people that deserve help, and we should be giving it to them as much as we can.”


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