Cost of Living

When I'm speaking with locals throughout my community, the No. 1 concern they raise is the cost-of-living crisis facing Western Sydney. That's why on Tuesday night I held a tele town hall to discuss the cost-of-living stresses right throughout my community. It was fantastic to have the Chair of the Senate Select Committee on the Cost of Living, Senator Jane Hume, attend a chat with me about the impact of the cost of living and rising prices, including for the basics, across Western Sydney. We heard from many people in the community, including Allan of St Marys and Tracey of Cranebrook about home ownership and from Michael of Jordan Springs, Matthew of Oxley Park and Belinda of Claremont Meadows about rising energy prices impacting household budgets.

I thank the over 4,200 Lindsay locals who participated in the tele town hall for their important questions and a really good discussion. I am committed to raising their issues in this place and will continue to do so. I also thank the shadow minister for finance, Senator Hume, for discussing those issues with my residents—how the government is not acting adequately on these matters, and what the coalition will do to ensure Middle Australia is protected from these inflationary pressures when we return to government.

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