Statement - September 11 Attacks: 22nd Anniversary

Twenty-two years ago on this day, September 11, the world stopped as New York crumbled. I always remember this day and am forever grateful that my trip to New York, which would've had me staying at the Marriott Hotel, was cancelled just days before. I worked out that I would've been walking through one of the tunnels between the two towers as one of the towers collapsed. It's really poignant to me that, in the rubble of the Marriott Hotel, an Australian flag was found. It was really damaged and torn but still intact. I feel that's a representation of our resilience and the resilience of our good friends of America during that time, and of our forever friendship, having gone through so much together. On that day, 3,000 lives were lost in those towers and in the Pentagon. Ten Australians also died. It is 22 years, but it feels like just yesterday. For the families who lost loved ones in those towers, it will be forever. We must never forget.

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