Boost in Funding for Local Schools in Lindsay with Upgrades to School Infrastructure and New Equipment

The Federal Member for Lindsay Melissa McIntosh MP congratulates the eleven local schools set to benefit from funding to upgrade their facilities and to purchase new equipment, providing students with new general and specialist learning spaces and other major refurbishments.


  • Castlereagh Public School: $19000 – Installing and/or upgrading shade structures.
  • Cambridge Park Public School: $25000 – Upgrading or improving existing outdoor learning spaces and installing and/or upgrading shade structures.
  • Penrith Selective High School: $15726 – Installing and/or upgrading shade structures.
  • Glenmore Park High School: $25000 - Installing and/or upgrading shade structures.
  • Cambridge Gardens Public School: $25000 - Installing and/or upgrading shade structures.
  • Penrith Valley Learning Centre: $25000 – Provision of flexible learning arrangements for students.
  • Glenmore Park Public School: $25000 – Purchasing and installing air-conditioning, upgrading ventilation in school facilities.
  • St Joseph’s Primary School: $22000 - Installing and/or upgrading shade structures.
  • St Nicholas of Myra Primary School: $25000 – Repairs or maintenance to school facilities.
  • Bethany Catholic Primary School: $25000 – Refurbishing classrooms.
  • St Mary’s Flexible Learning Centre: $25000 – Upgrading or improving existing outdoor learning spaces, repairs or maintenance to school facilities, refurbishing classrooms.

The successful grant recipients of the Schools Upgrade Fund (SUF) gained access to a nation-wide share of $32 million, to provide equitable access to resources and to support schools to help keep students and school staff safe.

All schools from across the country were able to apply for funding of up to $25000 to upgrade their learning facilities, including the purchase of air conditioning, upgrading ventilation systems, new or improved outdoor learning spaces, new tablets and laptops, and urgent repairs.

Schools were assessed by the Department of Education for the funding round to help schools meet the cost of important infrastructure projects, with public schools showing the greatest need prioritised.

“There is more work to do to in Lindsay to modernise our local schools and ensure all students can be supported with infrastructure that delivers contemporary education and encourages students to reach their potential,” said Mrs McIntosh.

“Greater investment is needed for our schools as they deserve upgrades and redevelopments which focus on creating learning environments that support our student’s educational needs by providing positive and safe spaces.

“The Albanese Government needs to invest more in our local schools so that no student gets left behind as Western Sydney is forecast to see a large growth in population.

“I want to see better outcomes for more schools in our local area, so that families can be assured our children will have access to the best possible education facilities, and no student in our community gets left behind.“

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